Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 video: Victor Strand’s secret passageway

Victor StrandFear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 is coming your way on AMC Sunday night, and there’s a crisis at the core of the hour: Water. If you recall, Madison and Walker did everything that they could on this past episode in order to resolve what was an ever-increasing crisis for everyone at Broke Jaw Ranch and beyond. Water is running low, and they were ready to make a key deal to give them more of a supply.

Well, here’s the problem: Madison traded away some of that in order to get her old friend Strand back, and as a result of that, he needs to find a way to pay things forward. This brings us back to the dam, his old friend Dante’s hideout earlier this season. This is where there is obviously plenty of water, enough to actually sustain a society moving forward into the future. With that said, there’s a pretty clear difference between having access to water and actually being able to take it back to your people.

In the sneak preview below, Victor does his best to prove himself by showing that there is a secret passageway that will help get everyone to the dam. Useful, no? Well it is, but as we’ve noted there is still a major problem here: Getting to the dam is only half the battle, since there’s still the issue of actually being able to do something with said dam once you are actually there. We envision that this is going to be a different issue in its own right, given that there are going to be some struggles in actually getting what Broke Jaw needs.

In general, though, what makes us at CarterMatt the most intrigued about this preview is seeing if Strand can actually find himself and his voice again after spending the bulk of the season to date in survival mode. For a while he did hold out some hope for the future of the world, but he’s now completely untethered. After all, he’s realized now through the radio transmissions that there isn’t actually anyone out there to held him or many other survivors, since the entire zombie virus seems to be global in scale.

What do you want to see on Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11?

Do you think that there is a way that Victor Strand is going to be able to actually help? Feel free to sound off now with some of your expectations in the comments! Meanwhile, be sure to click here in the event you want to preview Sunday night’s new episode. (Photo: AMC.)

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