Outlander season 3 episode 2 video: The search for the Dun Bonnet

Dun BonnetLeading into Outlander season 3 episode 2 on Sunday night, there are two words on the tip of our tongue: Dun Bonnet. Jamie Fraser is at Lallybroch trying to live out the remainder of his days, but what he is poised to realize on this episode is that hiding out will not be easy in the slightest.

Even though Jamie may have been freed and sent back to Lallybroch by a member of the British Army, it was a rogue action, done as a response to a favor from years before. The majority of the redcoats have a unified opinion about Sam Heughan’s character, and it is a fairly simple one: The man needs to die, and they will do virtually whatever they need to do in order to ensure that this happens. This means stalking out the property at any and every opportunity in order to ensure that nothing ever gets past them. Samuel Lewis is going to put on his best interrogator jacket and try to get what he wants, though he may find that getting information out of the Scots and those uninterested in cooperating with him will be pretty much near impossible. For those of you who love watching an 18th-century version of Keep Away, this could be the episode for you!

This season 3 episode 2 preview is indicative of a few different things, with one of the biggest ones being that Jamie has developed a bit of a folk hero reputation — both good and bad. Whether you are talking about “Red Jamie” or the “Dun Bonnet,” there are basically two different names floating out here for the man. The British are growing increasingly frustrated about their inability to find him, which is why they are starting to apply all the more pressure.

What we at CarterMatt wonder when it comes to Jamie at this point is simply this: Will he harbor any sort of guilt over Lallybroch being targeted by these men, and how much will he be willing to have it happen? This is already a man who is a shell of his former self, given that he’s lost the great love of his life in Claire. He’s reclusive, he’s sporting a massive beard, and he’s spending the majority of his days hiding out in either the woods or a cave. This is not the same Jamie Fraser we remember, and were he to lose someone else in his family as a result of some of his actions, that could be an additional blow to his psyche.

We shall see what transpires over the course of this episode “Surrender,” but given the sequences that we’ve seen already of Jamie being hauled around by Lord John Grey, we don’t exactly think that all of this is going to end rather well for this character.

What do you think lies ahead for Red Jamie, Dun Bonnet, or whatever name you want to call him?

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