Criminal Minds season 13 premiere wishlist: Daniel Henney’s introduction

Criminal Minds season 13 premiereThe Criminal Minds season 13 premiere is coming your way onto CBS in a matter of just a few short weeks, and there’s a lot to look forward to!

Based on what we already know about the premiere episode, there are many different exciting developments coming up over the course of this hour. For one, you are getting the debut of Daniel Henney as Matt Simmons from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Meanwhile, you’re also going to see a story that is geared around the hunt for Mr. Scratch. Will this killer finally be brought to justice? There are no guarantees since he is a slippery sucker that has eluded our team for a while now, but it’s something that we would like to see wrapped up this season.

As a matter of fact, we’re putting a point of emphasis on Mr. Scratch now as we move into today’s chapter of our ongoing CarterMatt Premiere Wishlist series.

1. Leave Mr. Scratch in the dust – Get rid of the Big Bad from last season (and the season before), and move into a new chapter. Now feels like the right time for some new blood and, in turn, a new adversary. Introduce a new Big Bad, and someone who is a little more present and a little less MIA for many of the show’s episodes.

2. Honor Stephen Walker – Damon Gupton is gone from the show; in the event that the writers are killing Walker off, the one thing that we do hope is that they find a way to tribute this character. While he may not have been a part of a full season of the show, he was still a part of the BAU family and that should mean something.

3. Give Daniel Henney time with all of the cast members – Henney knows many of these characters already thanks to Beyond Borders, but we’d like to have small check-ins with him during the premiere just so that we can get some reminders of what his relationship is like with everyone. Don’t short-change that, since he is a big newcomer to the season.

4. Some great JJ and Rossi moments – After getting so much great Reid storytelling in the second half of last season, why not give Joe Mantegna and AJ Cook a little bit more love? These two are deserving of a huge, weighty story, and this could be a worthy introduction to whatever that is.

5. Give everyone a peaceful ending – These characters are all people who have been through a great deal, and as a result of that, one of the things that we are the most interested in right now is seeing the BAU just be able to put their feet up for a moment and realize that there are some other things in life worth celebrating. Let them get away from the rigors of the job, even if it is just for a few minutes. We don’t think that season 13 should be the final season, but the show still should be thinking about its legacy nonetheless.

What do you want to see on the Criminal Minds season 13 premiere? Let us know some of your thoughts on the matter in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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