Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight? The definitive pieces

John Oliver newIs Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight on HBO? That’s always a discussion point these days…

The unfortunate news to report is that for the second straight week, the network is not airing a new installment of the show — if you don’t believe us, believe Oliver himself when he said last month that the next new episode of the show would be on September 10. This is just the way that he often happens to do things. He’ll give you a few weeks of new episodes, and then follow that by taking a little bit of time off. We know it’s a bummer, but all things considered, there could have been some worse weeks for him to go off the air. When compared to some of the other catastrophic weeks of the Donald Trump Presidency, we’ve had larger dumpster fires than the one that we went through this past week.

Below, what we’ve got for you is rather simple: Something designed very much to keep you satisfied while you wait for the show to come back! Below, we’ve got links to our five favorite segments, ones that give you a fantastic sense of everything that Last Week Tonight is, both past and present. (We’ve included links to all of the various YouTube videos, just in case you’ve got a hankering to go and watch some of these on your own.)

1. Territories – One of our favorite old-school segments of the show just in terms of covering a subject that we found incredibly fascinating as a geography nerd — also, it’s one that many people out there know nothing about.

2. Football stadiums – This one’s great in pointing out the hypocrisy of Americans, people who often won’t be okay to pay for health-care solutions but have no problem paying for better stadiums for their NFL teams.

3. The interview with Edward Snowden – Oliver went all the way to Russia in order to ask some serious questions of the notorious figure, before then discussing at length certain parts of the male anatomy.

4. The first Donald Trump expose – We’re not sure that there has been a more definitive takedown of the man than there was in this segment, which should’ve been enough to keep him from getting elected. Hey, maybe in a more perfect world. (With more than 32 million viewers, this is also one of Oliver’s most-watched videos ever.

5. Coal – This is the most-recent one on our list, and it’s mostly notable because of the actions of coal magnate Bob Murray, who filed a lawsuit against the show after it aired a segment referring to him as Dr. Evil before a man in a squirrel costume came out and told him to “eat s–t.”

What do you want to see from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver when the show returns to the air? Be sure to share in the comments below! Of course, we also want to hear about some of your own favorite segments. (Photo: HBO.)

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