Power season 4 episode 10: Is there hope for Ghost and Angela?

Ghost and AngelaMrs. Carter: Is there actually hope for Ghost and Angela moving now into Power season 4 episode 10?

We’ll be the first to admit that earlier this season, the idea of these two somehow getting back together felt like a distant memory. Remember that Angela is the person who arrested Jamie, and was intent on getting him convicted and him spending the rest of his life behind bars in prison. Yet, the ice maybe started to melt when she realized that he was facing the death penalty; then, it started to melt more when she realized that he may not be responsible for the murder of Greg Knox.

When Angela found out the truth about Mike Sandoval, on some level it may have changed things even more. Jamie, the man she had taken into custody, was actually innocent of those charges. He’s certainly guilty of other things, but within this moment Angela realized that he was not exactly the man that she thought he was. Maybe this brings her back to the place that she was in when the two were romantically intertwined. We certainly think back then that she understood that James was far from a saint, but she looked past that because of the passion that was there and the promise that the two of them had for a future together. We also do think that Jamie tried to be better for Angela for a time, but then found himself repeatedly in positions where he had to clean up some old messes.

Basically, at this point in Power Ghost is one of the world’s most glamorous janitors — he’s constantly having to clean stuff up, whether it be Lobos’ death, Tasha needing to borrow money from Simon Stern, or his mistakes back at the center of the drug business. We don’t think he is someone interested in project pure garbage into the world, but there’s so much in his past and the pasts of those close to him now. Therefore, he’s stuck in the mire.

The trade-off there is so long as that garbage is around, his relationship with Angela will remain rocky since she knows his tells. She understands his truths and his lies. It’s hard for him to get away with all that much when she is around, and this is something that will plague whatever back and forth that they have. Angela’s now in a higher position, and you would think that this would keep her from considering any romantic partnership with Jamie in the future. That’s especially true when you consider that she still knows he has secrets buried in the past.

Nonetheless, that chemistry was still there in the moment that they had together tonight. So long as that longing remains, we’re never ruling out a reunion between the two. Maybe it comes during the finale next week, or maybe it’s down the road in season 5. Either way, we still feel like it’s on the table. She’s shown a willingness to forget about his baggage in the past.

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