Cable ratings: Dark Matter season 3, Killjoys, and Wynonna Earp

Dark MatterWho wants an entire Syfy ratings piece? Given that you’ve got two shows in this Friday lineup that are certainly on the bubble, it’s worth diving into these numbers a little bit more to see where they stand.

Obviously, one of the biggest things to remember here is that we’re speaking in terms of live+same-day ratings. There are other measures that do matter, but this is one of the most important ones in terms of figuring out whether or not a show gets canceled.

Dark Matter – It’s a personal favorite of ours from this summer, and it’s delivering very well in terms of year-to-year ratings. While it did drop just a tick to a 0.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic for this past episode, it’s not such a terrible decline that there’s a reason to worry. The important thing to us is that the show remains fairly steady around where it is for the rest of the season; if it does do that, there is a reasonably good shot that we see it sticking around for a fourth season.

This is a subject, for the record, that we discussed a little bit more extensively earlier in the month with show executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. You can read a little bit more on that over at the link here.

Killjoys – Meanwhile, another one of Syfy’s other big franchises managed to actually improve versus the prior week on its way to a 0.2 rating. While this is not the sort of rating that anyone is going to jump up and down about (it’s hardly a record), it’s consistently for a show that is down less than 5% year-to-year in the demo. We feel just as confident, if not more so, that Killjoys will be back if Syfy is truly looking to keep some of their shows based on consistency. Given that this is so hard to come by now in an era where DVR and streaming providers are so omnipresent, you have to give some credit for any show that does manage to produce this sort of good news.

Note for both this show and Dark Matter, Syfy will have several weeks following the two of them airing in order for them to figure out just what it is that they want to do in terms of their future.

Wynonna Earp – Finally, let’s turn to the Syfy series that already managed to secure a season 3 renewal! This past episode ended up generating as a whole a 0.1 rating, down slightly versus the prior week … but hey, it’s coming back. Nothing to worry about here. We think that the network’s obviously happy with the ratings, but beyond that they are more than thrilled with the performance that they are getting from the show on social media.

Are you watching one or all of these shows on Syfy? Which ones do you want to watch again next year? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: Syfy.)

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