Real Housewives of Orange County preview: When a Meghan King Edmonds – Peggy Sulahian moment becomes more

Meghan King EdmondsMonday night’s Real Housewives of Orange County episode is going to feature a ton of opulence — how else can you describe Peggy Sulahian’s new Lamborghini? This is not exactly the sort of thing even 1% of Americans would ever get to experience, especially when you’re considering that it’s a custom version of the car.

So what happens when you get a custom Lamborghini? Well, apparently you have a party to show that off at a party … which is understandable given that this is the sort of thing that you really would want to show off. If we had a custom Lambo (not that it’s really our taste), we’d probably have a party all about it, too!

Anyhow, the synopsis below gives you a sense that this is coming in Monday’s episode, but what’s actually a little more interesting is what apparently is going to happen between Peggy and some of the other cast members.

Synopsis – “Tamra and Shannon have their first face-to-face with Meghan’s new baby and learn they’ll soon have to face Vicki. Lydia’s family takes a luxurious Hawaiian vacation full of uncomfortable conversations, while Kelly tackles her fears about her mother’s mortality and her desire to move on with Tamra and Shannon. Vicki tries to settle into her new office and meddle in her son’s love life while Peggy invites her friends to the unveiling of her custom-designed Lamborghini.”

In the video below, you see a moment that should be something rather small in the grand scheme of things — Peggy grabbing Meghan King Edmonds’ lips as a signal for her to shush. There are worse and more-insulting things that you could say, but the perception of this is still going to be that it’s rude. Nobody wants to ever be touched like this and told that they should be quiet. In a world where intimate social interactions are becoming increasingly rare thanks to our addiction to connectivity, these sort of things stand out so much more than they would otherwise.

If we know the Real Housewives franchise well, this one moment is going to become a thing, the sort that really transcends one individual episode and spirals to the point of it becoming a source of conflict for many to come. It also does give Meghan more of a presence for some other episodes in the weeks to come. She was very disconnected from the other women at the start of the season, almost to the point where it felt like she was on a different show. There does need to be more time in general this season for all of the various Housewives to get together and talk through some of what they’ve got going on — while also tackling some conflicts. That synopsis above makes it clear that there are plenty coming.

What do you think about Peggy grabbing Meghan’s lips — a huge deal, a big deal, or little deal at all? Share now in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over here to get some additional news when it comes to the series. (Photo: Bravo.)


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