Jersey Shore reunion planned for E! docuseries pilot — more details

Jersey ShoreAre you ready for more Jersey Shore, more fist-pumping, and maybe a duck phone thrown in there somewhere? (Hopefully, you are.)

There are some signs pointing towards a reunion for the former MTV series happening in the future over at E! — even if for the time being it’s mostly in the early stages. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cast (it’s unclear how many of them) will be taking part in a pilot for an unscripted series entitled Reunion Road Trip that is all about people with TV pasts coming together to discuss some of what happened so many years ago. There will be reminiscing, great stories, memories, and hopefully a whole lot more.

If there is one show that could benefit heavily from this format, it is Jersey Shore. After all, remember for a moment here that the series’ biggest flaw in the latter seasons was just how artificial it felt, given that MTV and the producers were intent on creating this narrative where the cast members weren’t super-famous people at the Shore at the end. They tried to present the experience as insular when it was an enormous pop-culture sensation. Had they wanted it to feel more this way, they should’ve just cast new member; the issue with doing that, though, was that you would be losing some great personalities like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and DJ Pauly D.

Hopefully, the cast members have a good sense of humor about everything that happened years ago, and they’ve let all bygones be bygones. The last time we saw them on regular TV series, Pauly had his own The Pauly D Project spin-off to go along with the flagship; meanwhile, Snooki and Jenni “JWoww” Farley had their own Snooki & JWoww spin-off for a few years.

Wasn’t there already a reunion?

You may have heard about it recently, but that was more for a Burger King commercial advertising their new chicken parm sandwich. The majority of the cast took part in the show save for Ronnie — Deena Cortese was also there over Angelina, who was only around for the first two seasons before being replaced permanently. (This show would be far more interesting if Angelina was involved, but we’d be genuinely surprised if that ends up being the case.)

If you haven’t seen the Burger King spot, you can see an extended version of it below — while it is obviously very corporate, at the same time it actually does get a little more reflective than you’d anticipate from this sort of ad.


Now, the question that we wonder is this: Would there be any interest in a Jersey Shore reunion from viewers? Let us know what you think below!

Word is that if E! likes this pilot, they will bring back together some other notable TV casts. We’ll wait and see what becomes of that, but this idea plays perfectly into nostalgia — which absolutely sells well these days.

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