The Bachelorette spoilers: Adam Gottschalk, Eric Bigger in final Rachel Lindsay group date

Adam GottschalkOn Monday night’s new episode of The Bacheloretteyou’re going to see the final group date of the season — and the results of it seem fairly inevitable.

In case you forgot (which is understandable), Adam Gottschalk and Matt Munson are still a part of this season. They’ve barely gotten much of an edit save for some of their quirky attributes — Adam arrived with the creepy Adam Jr. puppet, and Matt showed up the first night dressed as a penguin. They haven’t had much of an impact otherwise, and neither of them has received a rose to date earlier than a Rose Ceremony. It’s hard to picture the last time that we had a normal season where two of the final six never had a one-on-one date before hometowns; it’s even harder to picture that either party makes it to that point.

Below, you can see a little bit more of what this final group date will look like — which, for the record, is also going to feature Eric Bigger:

“Finally, it is time for the three-on-one date with Adam, Eric and Matt. Everyone boards a boat headed to France where Rachel will spend private time with each man on the grounds of an ancient castle.  The men all know that time is not on their side and that only one of them will get the rose for a hometown date. Who will get to continue on the journey to capture Rachel’s heart?”

At this point, it feels like unless Eric messes things up considerably, Adam and Matt are playing more for a spot on Bachelor in Paradise than they are a spot in the final four. Even if one of them makes it, do they really have a chance against people like Dean, Peter, and Bryan?

What we really wonder is what is going on in the heads of these guys while they are off doing the show and realize that they are probably not going to make it further in the season. Are they holding out hope for another show, or to get some sort of chance to prove that they can make it work? Or, are they just enjoying their time traveling the world and building some great friendships? One of the more interesting things that you have to remember here with all of the contestants on this show and The Bachelor is that they spend a very small fraction of their actual time with the lead, and spend WAY more of the time that they have with each other.

Interested in some other date scoop?

As you probably assumed by the fact that they are not on this date, the likes of Dean, Bryan, and Peter are all going to get further opportunities to date Rachel on their own in this episode. You can check out a little more news on that over at the link here.

If you were in the shoes of Matt and Adam, how would you handle not getting much in the way of attention and dates on The Bachelorette? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: ABC.)

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