Bachelor in Paradise 4 spoilers: Don’t expect Amanda Stanton engagement

Amanda StantonIt is possible that there are going to be a lot of crazy things happening on Bachelor in Paradise 4However, one of them will apparently not be Amanda Stanton getting engaged.

After being a part of the show last year and getting engaged to Josh Murray (you likely know how ugly that story got before it was over), the Bachelorette alum appears to be reentering the franchise this summer with a very different philosophy, and in turn a hope to shake things up a little bit and also give her personal life a little more peace and a little less pressure.

Speaking on the subject of her future to Us Weekly (prior to her returning to the show this summer), Stanton made it clear that much of the difference in how she wants to do this season stems from what happened last time:

“I learned a lot from experience last time … I don’t regret any of it, but I definitely learned that [getting engaged on TV] is not something that I would do again. The best case scenario is I meet someone and then we go home and date in real life. I’m not looking to get engaged at all this time. Just taking things slow.”

In the end, it’s absolutely still possible that Amanda ends up finding someone else on the show this summer, but that doesn’t mean that she and this other person will end the show engaged. They can date more like normal people and eventually get engaged down the road.

Do we think that someone is going to get engaged by the end of the season? Probably, given that this environment is really designed for it and this is something that production loves. More than anything, they love the model of having someone get engaged here and then married on either an upcoming season or a special. It’s a way for the couple to have a great wedding without anywhere near the same cost it would be otherwise, and it’s also a great way in order for the show to prove that the whole premise of it works and that people can find love on the other side of it — even if there are some bumps in the road along the way.

What do you think: Should anyone really want to get engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise, or is this really all that circumstantial to you? Share below! (Photo: ABC.)

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