Baby Daddy season 7: Could it happen elsewhere after cancellation?

Baby DaddyOriginally, the plan for Baby Daddy on Freeform was for there to be more episodes following what you saw on Monday night. Unfortunately, that has since changed. There are unconfirmed reports out there that college-ishthe black-ish spin-off starring Yara Shahidi, effectively took the series’ place. In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter how it happened. The fact of the matter is, the show is over.

Now, the series has to try to do its part in order to figure out an answer to one key question: What is the legacy? Were the events of Monday’s episode enough to tie things up for most diehard fans out there?

At this very moment, there are still some efforts being made among members of the devoted fanbase in an attempt to get the show back for another season. Unfortunately, the odds are probably a longshot. While Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming providers are out there, it’s unusual for a long-running show to get picked up for another season unless there is an ownership incentive to do so. (For example Scrubs moved over to ABC after NBC canceled it, given there was a financial incentive for them to do so given that ABC owned the show.)

Ultimately, the best thing to do to keep the love for the show alive is to continue to discuss and talk about it on Twitter. Maybe this will turn potentially into something more; even if it doesn’t and the 100th episode is all you get, you can still celebrate the fact that there 100 episodes of the show to begin with. Just think about how many comedies over the years make it 100 episodes. There aren’t too many of them! This is an incredible achievement that the show managed to have a life for this long with such loyal fans who stuck with it through thick and thin.

Do you wish that there was a Baby Daddy season 7 somewhere, whether it be on Freeform or another network? Feel free to share in the comments below! (Photo: Freeform.)

In the event there is ever further news to report, we’ll have it for you here.


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