Bloodline season 3 premiere review: Kevin Rayburn makes a bad situation worse

Kevin RayburnWhen we last saw the Rayburn family on Bloodline, things were going from bad to worse. Bloodline season 3 is picking right back up where we left off where Kevin has sunk the family further down the hole by killing Marco and helping the body count rise. The tagline for this show has always been “we’re not bad people, we’ve just done bad things”, but now it’s undeniable that they are bad people murdering other people, with one of those said people being a cop. With this being the final season of the show, we are thinking that things are going to come to a head and the Rayburn family murders are going to come to the surface, but the main question we have is if there will be more people added to the body count before the season is through? Marco knew what was going on and now he’s dead. We have to say that going into season 3 the person we are most worried about is Danny’s best friend Eric. He’s been suspicious for a long time about the Rayburn family and he’s a smart guy and while John let him off the hook last season after accusing John of murdering Danny, that doesn’t mean that Eric is not up the creek this season.

As promised, Bloodline season 3 kicked off right where we left off – in the middle of a giant mess. Kevin left Marco’s bloody body and took off running through the woods in a manic state over what he’s done. Meanwhile, John is driving off and leaving this entire mess behind him, and Meg is trying to talk to her mom about what’s happening only to be met with a wall of denial… at least at first. Eventually Sally faces the facts about what her children have done to Danny, but she’s clearly in the midst of a nervous break down and how could she not be? This is not a situation that many parents have to face.

When Kevin finally gets himself together, he changes his clothes and heads back to Marco’s house to see if he’s really dead or maybe he got lucky and Marco is just unconscious. Either way it’s looking like Kevin is not going to get out of this mess – if Marco wakes up, Kevin’s in jail, if Marco is dead, Kevin’s in jail. After realizing that Marco is dead, Kevin takes the dolphin statue he used to kill him and starts to clean up, but when Meg’s car pulls up to Marco’s house Kevin flees the scene. There was this moment where we thought she was going to go inside and be the one to find Marco’s body and we felt a little sick to our stomach for her, but with the house being dark she figured he’s not home and drove off in search of her brothers since both have fallen off the face of the earth. After having no luck at finding Kevin or John she finds herself at the bottom of a bottle of tequila.

Kevin makes his way back to his boat yard to figure out what to do, but when Roy Gilbert pulls his boat up to the dock, they snatch Kevin. He of course makes things so much worse (as only Kevin can do), when he confesses to Gilbert that he may have killed someone. Gilbert kicks him out of the car and tells him to never speak of this situation again.

With no where else to turn since John is MIA, Kevin decides to go to his mother for help. After telling her what happened with Marco, she gives him a drink and tells him to wait outside, where she then promptly locks him out and calls Gilbert for help. Gilbert gives Kevin a choice, turn himself in or let him help fix the situation, but what neither of them know is that Eric has gone over to Marco’s house and has seen him dead on the floor.

If Norbert Leo Butz doesn’t get some awards buzz for his performance for just this episode alone then we may have to start questioning all that is right with the world. He has gone from being a great actor to an amazing actor and someone we can’t get enough of. Sometimes all it takes is the right material and no body plays a messy character quite like he does.

While Meg and Kevin’s stories had us hooked right from the start (we are completely invested in what happens to Kevin!), John’s story had some problems. In this episode his car broke down, he shot an alligator, got a ride from a pot smoking lady who got John high and is now riding a bus to who knows where. His story made us feel like we were watching an adult version of Adventures in Babysitting. Episode grade: B+

What did you think of the premiere of Bloodline season 3? Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us what you think is going to happen this season. If you want to read more reviews about the show, then head on over to the link here where you can check out everything we have on the show. (Photo: Netflix)

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