Arrow season 5 episode 19 sneak peek: Are Helix killing people?

Arrow season 5 episode 19 sneak peekIs Helix more of a threat than we first thought? The Arrow season 5 episode 19 sneak peek seems to suggest so, and this is bad … very bad.

Below, you can see the beginnings of an investigation including Dinah Drake and Lyla over a mysterious murder that happened in an elevator. When they first review some of the footage for what happened in said elevator it looked like there was some sort of meta-human that went in there and caused some trouble … an invisible one. However, upon further review Felicity and Curtis uncover that the elevator’s programming seemed to be hacked to shoot it up, drop it, and do that many more times almost like it was some sort of terrifying amusement park ride.

If this is Helix who seems to be the responsible party (which feels very likely), one of the biggest things that we imagine is going to come as a result of it further tension between Felicity and the rest of the team. It isn’t just the fact that she has been working with some mysterious organization, it’s that she did so for much of the time without cluing people in on it.

In the end, we are excited for this episode just to see how Oliver reacts to being in such a difficult, precarious position that is so different than any other that we’ve seen from him over time. Just remember for a minute here that this is a man who has done so many things in secret over the course of the show’s run, so he can’t be that angry at Felicity for doing so. It’s certainly possible that this moment somehow allows the two to understand each other a little bit better and figure out what they mean to each other. The more that we learn about these characters and how they relate to each other, the better off they will all probably be in the long run.

What do you think is going to happen on this Arrow episode? Share in some of the comments below! We’ll be back tonight with a full review for everything that happens.

Meanwhile, you can head over here to get some further insight on this episode, Felicity’s potential role in some of the chaos to come, and a whole lot more important scoop on the story. (Photo: The CW.)

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