Line of Duty season 4 episode 5: Roz Huntley makes a move on Nick

Roz HuntleyTonight, Line of Duty season 4 episode 5 aired on BBC One, and to say that this one was dramatic was an understatement.

Specifically, we are talking about the relationship between Roz and Nick Huntley, one that quickly disintegrated even more  than it had before. As a matter of fact, we saw specifically just how far Roz was willing to go in order to preserve her own potential innocence in what happened to Timothy Ifield. All signs point to her pinning the murder of Ifield on Nick, mostly because he was starting to have plenty of questions regarding Roz and some of her actions.

Were there some people who were starting to pin things together? Certainly so within the AC-12, given that both Michael and Nick were potentially set up to be framed. Unfortunately, here is the problem that the unit ran into — the AC-12 were not permitted to look into the case. Therefore, they had to figure out a different way to operate and “investigate” the Ifield case without doing so publicly. Consider this obeying the letter of the law while coming up with some new ways to augment the spirit of it.

As a character, of course we hate Roz — after all, we’re meant to! She is one of the most despicable people out there given how far she went in order to further ensure that she was safe under any circumstances. She also had protected herself in as many different avenues as possible in order to ensure that nobody could come after her.

Yet, justice does often find a way, and that is what we have to figure out now. Hastings in particular is under fire now, which is what we like to think of as the AC-12’s retaliation. This doesn’t give them the authority and the power that they need, but it’s a good start. What we are probably going to be looking at moving forward in the final episode is a race against time to clear both Michael and Nick, and then find a way to have Roz Huntley taken down once and for all. In general, we’d say that the stakes are now higher on the show than they’ve ever been through four seasons. Cite many of the performances and the writing this season for that. It’s emotionally-charged, and even angering at times … appropriately so.

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