Gotham season 3 episode 15 sneak peek: On the Riddler, ‘Bruce Wayne’

Bruce WayneWith Monday night approaching, we’re thrilled to continue to discuss some more Gotham season 3 episode 15 sneak peeks. Let’s start with Bruce Wayne … or maybe we should put that name in quotes.

At the end of the winter arc for the show, we saw a situation unfold between the fake Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as the doppelganger from Indian Hill, and the Court of owls. That situation is unfolding further in the video below as he gets all of the proper training necessary in order to become Bruce … backstory included. It really goes without saying as to why this Bruce is dangerous to everyone that he comes into contact with. He can manipulate what the perception is of the real Bruce, and cause far more problems here than we can possibly count.

Consider some of the confrontations that are coming with this Bruce terrible for the real character, but also necessary to get us where we need to go here in the end. Remember that Ra’s al Ghul is coming, and despite him being a villain, this is a guy who is nonetheless pretty essential in the development from Bruce into Batman. It’s no coincidence that this is a guy we are going to be meeting soon.

Oh, and it should also be no coincidence that he’s been lurking around in the shadows of Gotham for a rather long time like the ultimate puppetmaster.

As for the second sneak peek that we’ve got for you here, this one relates more to what is going on with Edward Nygma. For those wondering how Robin Lord Taylor was going to factor into Monday’s story, it will be in a series of different visions as Ed struggles with moving forward. He will be haunted in some way by this character, which is not great news given that he is already rather unstable as it is. The Penguin will reiterate to him time and time again that without him, there really is no Nygma. Therefore, Ed will have to take drastic measures in order to find an identity … and eventually, you will see the birth of the Riddler once and for all.

Just in case this sneak peek is not enough for you, rest assured that there is another interesting one worth checking out over at the link here. Let us know what you think about this one in the comments, and be sure to come back Monday for some exclusive stuff pertaining to the show! (Photo: Fox.)


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