Flaked season 2 premiere date announced by Netflix; see further details

Flaked season 2If you are ready to take a journey down to Venice, California to learn a little bit about the life of a broken man, Flaked season 2 is coming. Specifically, it is coming your way on Friday, June 2 with new episodes.

Just to make things all the more enticing to you, Netflix released today a lengthy synopsis describing where the story for the show will be picking up:

“In the new season of Flaked, Chip returns to Venice after a short exile and finds that he is no longer welcome.  People have not forgotten that he sold out the local community.  And for what…?  Chip’s lost everything: his store, his friends, his reputation, his bicycle… he doesn’t even have a guest house to live in.  All he’s got left is London, and she’s beginning to look elsewhere — spiritually, if not physically.

“Chip starts to claw his way back into the affections of the community, first asking Dennis to be his sponsor, then helping his friend in a new business venture, and even doing an honest day’s work…  But the lies are never too far behind, and just when it looks as though he’s won back his friend and stabilized his relationship, everything splinters again … It becomes clear that he needs to make a choice: his best friend or the love of his life.  Lies or sobriety.”

What made us enjoy the first season of Flaked was precisely how flawed most of the people were. It was this odd, subtly profound series taking place in an idyllic place surrounded by fronts. Chip claimed that he was a savior, when in reality he was a facade, a functioning alcoholic in love with a woman his best friend was seeing. He was willing to make a huge sacrifice for someone who wasn’t even in his life anymore, but in playing the martyr he also became a shell. The first season had its fair share of funny moments, but also challenging ones. It’s a rare comedy that leaves you with a lot to think about — we personally wrote a good bit about the first season after it aired, but it’s still stuck with us even after typing all that out.

Are you planning to check out Flaked season 2? If so, share in the comments!

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Flaked season 2

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