Chicago Med season 2 episode 19 review: Who paid the ransom?


Running a hospital like the one on Chicago Med is difficult on its own. We have to imagine that the difficult level spirals off to a whole new place when you consider everything that the doctors and nursed faced Thursday night.

In the opening minutes of the episode, Chicago Med was hacked, and it became clear soon after this that the hackers were not going to relent until the ransom was paid. This proved problematic, to put it mildly. It was impossible to view many digital records, and families started to wonder whether or not to transfer their patients elsewhere.

Trying to determine who was behind the hack proved to be one of the big mysteries at the center of the hour. However, the same went for who ended up paying it off. Sure, in some ways whoever did this managed to spare Chicago Med a great deal of frustration, but this went directly against Goodwin’s orders and she was on the warpath for answers.

As it turns out, it was actually Dr. Latham who made the move! He didn’t make a big deal out of it, saying that it was “simple math” to pay it off in Bitcoin to save himself the trouble.

Goodwin’s ex plays a part

If you needed some further evidence that this was one of the character’s finer episodes, you had it in the form of her ex Bert turning up at the hospital. What complicated this further was the revelation that his new love turned out to have a debilitating illness, and one that she was scared to confess to Bert. As you would imagine, Goodwin didn’t approve of this — she and Bert may not be close anymore, but she didn’t want this to be kept from him.

The two characters shared a nice moment tonight; think of it as a foundation in the event that they do want to have some time together as friends down the road.

Elsewhere in the hospital

There was some tension that came through tonight between Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles, largely because she thought that he was trying to push her into her department. The relationship tension between Natalie and Will also continued in the hospital — there weren’t any answers per se, but it’s something to watch.

The cliffhanger tonight comes more courtesy of Dr. Rhodes’ girlfriend Robin, who showed some increased signs of instability at the end of the episode.

Overall take

This proved to be an interesting episode this season, largely because of the fact that it focused just as much on the business side of running the hospital as it did the personal side. You did have your fair share of medical drama, but putting the focus on Sharon was a nice change of pace. A solid episode overall that set the foundation for big stuff coming up. Grade: B.

Next time on Chicago Med

If you are interested in previewing the next installment of the show, including some details regarding Halstead’s father, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: NBC.)

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