Mom season 5 renewal close on CBS

Mom season 5 renewal -While we’re not sure that there was ever any reason to doubt that a Mom season 5 renewal would be happening, isn’t it nice to have a little bit more in the way of confirmation?

According to a new report coming in right now via Variety, the Anna Faris – Allison Janney series is getting very close to a formal season 5 renewal. This news comes in the midst of the show continuing to post solid ratings and garnering great critical acclaim. It would be wrong to say that this is the top-rated comedy on CBS, but it does have a devoted following and it touches on important, meaningful topics that are often shunned elsewhere. It’s brave, and it’s also very funny at times.

This move wouldn’t be a shock given that CBS continues to have a fantastic relationship with executive producer Chuck Lorre, who overseas this show and is also a co-creator on The Big Bang Theory. Before that, he of course also had Two and a Half Men for a good twelve years on the air. It wouldn’t shock us if the network were to eventually order a little more of the show just from the vantage point of wanting to keep those connections open with him for some future projects to go along with everything that he’s done so far.

In the end, Mom is probably a show that easily could last another couple of years without any problem. Contractually, that’s also very easy to do given the nature of many of the deals that the actors get when they initially sign on for a show. So long as the ratings stay where they are and Faris / Janney continue to enjoy doing the show, odds are it will keep coming back. Stability is a big part of the lifeblood that is CBS — many of their shows are far into their run, and are even beyond their seventh season.

This news comes just as Mom is wrapping up filming on its latest batch of episodes. In other words, they are leaving the set with a little bit of a sense of further hope for their future. It’s always uncomfortable to leave not knowing what’s around the bend.

What do you want to see within a potential Mom season 5 renewal? Share some of your thoughts now with a comment! (Photo: CBS.)

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