‘Ink Master’ exclusive: Kevin Laroy on elimination, the women’s alliance, and Chris Nunez

Kevin -Kevin Laroy made it exceptionally far on this season of “Ink Master,” and at about the halfway point of this past episode, it seemed as though he had a great chance of being in the finale. He’d won the skull pick, and was getting to do a portrait which is something that he felt confident in doing.

Unfortunately, he found himself eliminated after the judges went through a thorough debate on his color portrait — it was the sort of exit that had to be especially frustrating since it felt so close between him and the other competitors. Kevin reflects on that in our exclusive interview with him, while also talking about the strong women’s alliance this season and also his decision to not take much of the advice handed down by his mentor Chris Nunez.

CarterMatt – You had the skull picks this week and got eliminated – what do you think went wrong?

Kevin Laroy – I definitely took a chance with my canvas choice. I know for a fact that if i chose any black and grey reference (particularly the black couple’s toddler) there wouldn’t have been any way in HELL they would’ve been able to send me home.

The women’s alliance has been dominating all season, do you think we are going to have “Ink Master’s” first female winner and who do you think it will be?

There will definitely be a female winner this year. If we’re basing a winner off of skill, ability and artistry then it should be Kelly without a doubt. If were basing a winner off of popularity it’ll definitely be Ryan.

You didn’t take much of Chris Nunez’s advice throughout the competition and stayed true to your own ideas: Do you think that’s what got you eliminated?

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still sour about Chris sending my Medusa tattoo to the bottom 3 before Eric’s, Sirvone’s and John’s. His logic in doing that had nothing to do with the worst tattoos in the room. I believe it was his personal aversion to my style which made it hard for me to take his advice and made me get real stubborn on that a–. So it was just a matter of time.

What was your favorite challenge of the season?

Ironically my favorite challenge this season was the challenge that sent me home. I’m ALWAYS down to do a portrait!

If clients want to book you for a tattoo, what’s the best way for them to get a hold of you?

[email protected]


We want to give a special thanks to Kevin for his time! Remember that you can check out some more “Ink Master” coverage, including reviews, previews, and other interviews, over at the link here. (Photo: Spike.)

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