‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 9, episode 6 review: Is this turning into the Mama Joyce show

RHOA Mama JoyceOn the last episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”there was a lot going on – some of it inspiring, and some of it terrifying. The women addressed the issues that young black men face in this day and age and what some of the challenges are going forward to fix this. At the same time we also saw Kenya and Matt’s relationship headed towards disaster and someone threatening to bomb Phaedra’s building.

So here’s the scoop on the bomb threat from Phaedra herself: The person behind it is a former client of hers who said he was going to deliver some music to her. After talking to homeland security she learned that he never had a bomb, but that he said he wanted to drop off some bomb new music. Because he used the word “bomb”, everyone went into a panic and he was at the wrong law firm. Phaedra thinks that this is another case of racial profiling since the lawyers in the other office “look nothing” like her and reacted the way they did to him.

It’s difficult hearing Kenya talk about how much she wants a good relationship, marriage, and babies and is facing a potential break up with Matt. She took the remote from his car because she didn’t want Matt to have access to her house while they are fighting, so when he came over to get his stuff she wouldn’t let him in because he was acting out. It was a good thing she didn’t let him in because before he left he kicked her window in. Kenya really loves Matt, so ending things with him is a real struggle for her and when she talks to him he asks for one more chance, promising to change. Matt explains that the things she says and does keeps poking at him and while it doesn’t justify him acting out, it’s what happens. The fight escalates as he insinuates that she is verbally abusive towards him and ends with Matt leaving once again while Kenya tries to figure out what to do next.

Let’s talk about Mama Joyce for a second here. She has been getting her own diary room confessionals this season like she is a main cast member and originally we were enjoying them, but this week she said something that was so off putting (“I wouldn’t p*** in your mouth if your guts were on fire”) that we don’t want to see anymore confessionals from her. Anyways, Mama Joyce hates Phaedra and has gone to a lawyer to find out if Phaedra is balking on her divorce or not since she believes that under Georgia law that if someone is in prison then the divorce is fairly immediate. This lawyer didn’t confirm her suspicions to be true and instead said that if people are agreeable then the divorce can happen quickly… and no one needed to see a lawyer to know that.

Kandi has a food tasting party for the OLG restaurant and while there Sheree stirred the pot in front of Mama Joyce, telling her that Kenya called her hair a “tired old Mama Joyce wig”. We thought that her anger would move from Phaedra to Kenya, but she’s still laser focused on Phaedra. As soon as Phaedra enters the room Mama Joyce tries to take her aside and tell her how “sorry” she is that she and Apollo hadn’t gotten their divorce yet, but before she’s able to go into what she learned, Kandi breaks it up. If you thought that was the end of Mama Joyce poking the bear you’d be wrong, because once they start talking about the bomb threat, she laces into Phaedra about this man wanting to blow her up.

Very tough episode to watch in between all the divorce talk, Matt and Kenya’s fight and Mama Joyce saying off-putting things. We are hoping that this season will send the women on a trip somewhere soon so we can get some of the glamour of this show back as well as bringing the focus back on the housewives. Don’t get us wrong, we like Mama Joyce, but she is best on this show as a supporting character. Episode grade: C+

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