‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ rankings: Has anything changed on Vanua?

The last time we checked in on the state of things over at Vanua on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,” it was easy to get a pretty-clear picture on where things stood. You had Michelle at the bottom, and seemingly the alliance of Chris and Zeke ruling the roost. David with an immunity idol complicated things slightly, but for the most part the hope for these three guys had to be to just make it to the merge together and figure it out from there.

Are things different at all now entering Wednesday’s episode, and with the knowledge that David, per the recent preview, is going to clue Zeke in on the idol? We’d argue so, and for a few different reasons we’re going to outline below.

4. Michelle Schubert – This isn’t changing. Michelle’s been established as a very smart player, but Figgy did her no favors last week by publicly declaring her allegiance to her. Sure, she’s not there anymore, but to Chris and David, this is at least evidence that she’s close to Taylor and is probably not working with them moving forward. We may not throw a challenge to get rid of her (which is something that was suggested previously by us regarding Taylor), just because she’s got potential to be flexible and Zeke may not want to; yet, we would vote her out first in this group for a variety of reasons.

3. David Wright – Suddenly, the news about David spilling the beans on his idol paints him in a very different light. All of a sudden, he goes from being a smart strategist with leverage to one reliant on Zeke having his best interest in mind. We’re not sure he does. Given that Chris really doesn’t owe David much of anything at this point, we can envision a situation where Vanua loses immunity and David’s blindsided with the idol in his pocket.

2. Chris Hammons – It’s still impossible for us to put a guy this physically imposing and also this socially capable at #1. He’s such an obvious threat, and he doesn’t have an idol to protect him. He does have a good ally in Zeke, but you gotta think that at some point down the line (maybe final 7 or so) Zeke’s going to want to get rid of him to better ensure his own odds of winning the game.

1. Zeke Smith – Zeke’s great television, and she’s proving himself to be very good on this tribe, as well. There’s something he is doing that is great in terms of making himself an attractive person to work with. If you can find yourself in the position where people are coming up to you with ideas, you’re doing something right. You just need to figure out a way to keep them on your side in the long-term. and make a jury believe that you were behind all of their plans.

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