‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 6 preview: Are the Rams entering the picture?

Sam and Callen -

We do think that “NCIS: Los Angeles” has done a rather strong job over the years of really trying to embrace the city in almost every way that it can, but if there is one thing to remember here about cities more than anything else, it is this: They evolve. They constantly shift and change, and there are new trends that can always be adapted for the show.

In this case specifically, we’re talking about the arrival of the Rams to Los Angeles! This is their first year on the scene, and it looks like they could be a component in the upcoming October 30 episode of the show entitled “Home Is Where the Heart Is.”

Synopsis – “After a maintenance man saved the life of a lieutenant commander, the NCIS team uncovers his dark past which puts a local teenager in danger. Also, Sam must decide which colleague to take to the Los Angeles football game.”

Sure, it doesn’t sound like the Rams are the main priority for this story, but we didn’t really expect that they would be. For us, we suppose that we should just be rather happy with the fact that this will be a fun little sideplot. (To be fair, we don’t even technically know for sure this is the Rams since they’re not mentioned — but that may be on purpose so that the show doesn’t have to shell out any money to the NFL. We have a hard time feeling that anyone would be that excited for a sporting event if it was for a team that’s been around the area for practically forever.)

In case you’re wondering why we haven’t even mentioned what is most likely the main story of the episode, the simple answer is that it seems a little more run-of-the-mill for the show. We like to focus on what’s odd and interesting.

For some other news right now when it comes to “NCIS: Los Angeles,” be sure to head over to this link! (Photo: CBS.)

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