Check your panties? Hilarious TV anchor blunder, Stray kitten takes over TV, Debate or baseball?

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It’s hump day as they say and we have only two more days until the weekend (but seriously who is counting?). The best part of Wednesday around Hollywood is going to be the weather. It’s hot and the beautiful blue fall skies are perfect for filming around the city. There is no doubt that film crews will be rushing around to catch the sunset on film too, as it always is vibrant on these types of days.

Check your Panties? TV Anchor blunder has coworkers (and internet) in stitches

Ever wonder what happens when a news anchor reads the teleprompter word for word. Well, the results might be quite surprising. Every once in a while the TV prompter of a local news station has a spelling error. It’s not very often, but it does happen. Eric Philips, who works at NBC12 in Richmond, Virginia, was reading a script on the camera teleprompter on Wednesday morning about a rice cooker recall when typo took the story in an entirely different direction. Instead of “Pantry” he said “Panty”.  It’s a hilarious moment that had everyone in the studio laughing. Check out the video, and the photo above of said error was posted by the station’s own Karla Redditte on Twitter.

Stray kitten sneaks on live TV as viewers watch; cute cat jumps on the desk

Stray kittens, even when uninvited, are adorable on live TV.  If you haven’t seen the Turkish television program “Good Morning Denizli,” then you might not have seen the kitten who let himself in, checked out the studio and jumped up on the anchor’s desk for a look at his computer. This hilarious video has cat lovers (and a few dog lovers too) laughing.

According to the studio, the cat let himself in and then he proceeded to look cute as he acted like he was part of the news team. Take a peek at the video and get ready for your heart to melt as this is the best live television with a cat ever!

‘Yeezy Boost 2000’: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ shows fake shoes to impress real people

If Kanye West’s name is on sneakers, the world will buy a pair. Don’t take my word for it though. On Tuesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” a $12.50 pair of shoes from Chinatown was loaded up with fake fur and a compass. Then real opinions from folks walking Hollywood Boulevard had viewers giggling. Impressed because Kanye’s name was allegedly part of the brand people were thinking the shoes were $300 or more. Take a peek at the clip and don’t be surprised if you laugh out loud. There is no other way to say it: the praised fake sneakers are ugly. Even Kanye would agree.

And finally… Which will you watch? Debate or Baseball?

On Wednesday night America will watch the final presidential debate. Covered on almost every major network, the televisions around the country will be tuning in to see what might be said, but if you love America’s favorite pastime you have a dilemma. Wait a minute, isn’t the Cubs and Dodgers MLB playoff game on at the same time as the debate? Yep! It’s a tough choice and feelings are going to be hurt. Who are we kidding? Patriotic Americans will be flipping back and forth. The remote will need batteries after the workout it gets tonight.

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