‘Daredevil’ season 3 villains: The case for Typhoid Mary

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While many of you out there at the moment are in the process of watching “Luke Cage” still, we wanted to open the floor a little to another character who we’d like to see pop up in the Marvel / Netflix universe at some point moving forward (how about “Daredevil” season 3?) as a part of our week-long Villains article series: Typhoid Mary. We’ve said for ages that comic-book needs more compelling TV villains especially ones who can be around for more than just a week. Introducing someone like her on this show could be a way to rectify some of those problems and give us a little bit more to look forward to in the future.

As for whether or not she is someone we could actually see on the show moving forward, that’s something that we’ll try to figure out over the course of this article.

Who is she? – In the comics, Typhoid Mary a.k.a. Mary Walker is a woman who, following a traumatic event (it varies depending on the source material) started to develop multiple identities. The identity that is present often dictates her behavior pattern. She is capable of a wide range of abilities, including telekinesis and the ability to actually set people or things on fire with her mind. It’s some crazy stuff, and it’s made even crazier that Mary was a one-time lover of Matt Murdock.

How to use her – On paper, this seems fairly easy to set her up either as a part of Matt’s past who is coming back in a dangerous way, or someone new who evolves over the course of the season and becomes one of the most terrifying / unpredictable villains he’s encountered. She also has ties to Kingpin in the comics, so you could easily bring her in and work that angle even more if you so chose to go more in that direction.

Odds of appearing – Moderately low, unfortunately. We’d love to see it happen because of everything we’ve already said, but the reality here, at least for now, is that “Daredevil” is trying to stray from people with a wide array of powers for its show. Maybe you can craft a slightly-altered version that still has her multiple personalities, or maybe at some point down the road you could used a powered version in a show like “The Defenders” where there is a greater willingness to go in that direction.

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