‘The Fall’ season 3: The Jamie Dornan – Gillian Anderson struggle in new teaser

We understand if you were eagerly awaiting some more footage regarding “The Fall” now that it’s finally coming back to BBC Two later this month. Luckily, we’re rather thrilled to have more of that today!

If you look below, you can see the latest preview video, which seems to pick up not long after season 2 left off. If you recall, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) was shot, and will be clinging to his life in the opening minutes. This creates a rather interesting struggle, and one that puts Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) in a very interesting place morally (and as we know, her moral compass is a little broken). She wants to see Paul survive, but not because she wants him to be happy and live as a free man. Instead, she wants to see him live out the rest of his days behind bars. As she so eloquently states, the only way for her to get her brand of justice is for her to see Paul rot in prison.

How does she make that happen? Well, we have a feeling it is not going to be so easy even though he is being taken into custody. Will he find a way to escape while they are treating him for his wounds? This is a show where drama is at a peak, so we wouldn’t be shocked if somehow, he gets back on the run. Stella does have to sleep sometime, right? We imagine that he will find a chance to strike, and from there the conflict will almost surely escalate.

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