‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ cast: A ‘Family Guy’ writer, a high schooler, and Zeke’s cool shirt

Cast -Today, earlier even than we expected, the “Survivor” gods have bestowed upon us an enormously generous gift: The full cast for the upcoming 33rd season entitled “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” Sure, the twist itself is almost “Survivor: Nicaragua” redux, but one thing we do like is that for the first time in seemingly forever, we have a season of all new players separated into just two tribes, and no sort of “Blood vs. Water” twist to muck it up. (That’s only good with a returning-player component in our eyes.)

While we’re not necessarily going to say that this is the GREATEST SEASON EVER or anything like that just yet (we’re not crazy), there’s at least potential. We like the cast as assembled, even if there are a couple of people who fall into the “ugh, not again” archetypes we see time and time again on the show … and there are a lot of Californians to the point that you wonder if casting just put up a lawn chair outside of the Santa Monica Pier (not that we blame them — it’s nice).

Take a look at the cast per CBS’ press release below, and we’ll give you at least a few quick impressions of some of these people to go along with it. Don’t worry, this isn’t replacing our lengthier spotlights — those are still coming up as we get closer to the September 21 premiere. There’s no needs to hurry them along when we are still a month away! We’ve also included individual photos for everyone, just because it may be nice to know who is who at this point. We had the “meet the cast” video at the bottom at first, but for whatever reason CBS removed it from YouTube.

Millennials – “Vanua” Tribe

Survivor -

Michaela Bradshaw

Age: 25

Fort Worth, Texas

Vacation Club Sales

Hey, Fort Worth! We grew up not far from there! She says in the CBS preview video (unfortunately the one that’s been removed) that she’s used to working hard.

Michelle -

Michelle Schubert

Age: 28

Yakima, Wash.

Missionary Recruiter

She claims that there is a little bit of a rebellious side to her, but seeing her faith explored could be interesting here since we don’t quite get the sense that everyone else on her tribe is super-religious…

Jessica -

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa

Age: 23

Nashville, Tenn.


“Figgy” reminds us of Siggy Flicker from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Were it not for a few exceptions here and there including Michele Fitzgerald from last season, we’d be more frustrated about yet another bartender.

Adam -

Adam Klein

Age: 25

San Francisco, Calif.

Homeless Shelter Manager

The superfan of the season. He used to play “Survivor” games with his friends in the sixth grade.

Hannah -

Hannah Shapiro

Age: 24

West Hollywood, Calif.


She seems to come from the Aubry school of being quirky. This photo makes it look like she’s holding a baseball bat a la either Harley Quinn or Negan.

Zeke -

Zeke Smith

Age: 28

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Asset Manager

THE SHIRT. Clearly the greatest “Survivor” shirt in show history, coupled with ridiculous mustache that rivals the one Reynold had in “Caramoan.” Clearly we love him already.

Justin -

Justin “Jay” Starrett

Age: 27

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Real Estate Agent

Can we call him J-Starr? That may happen the remainder of the season.

Taylor -

Taylor Stocker

Age: 24

Post Falls, Idaho

Ski Instructor

Hey, it’s Joe Anglim with less hair and an affinity for the snow!

Mari -

Mari Takahashi

Age: 31

Los Angeles, Calif.

Professional Gamer

Kenny from “Survivor: Gabon” now has company! We’re always inclined as an avid gamer to root for someone who actually does it for a living. It’s a lot harder than you’d think.

Will Wahl -

Will Wahl

Age: 18

Long Valley, N.J.

High School Student

He claims to be the youngest person ever on the show. Also, he looks kind of like Nick from “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Gen X – “Takali” Tribe

Rachel -

Rachel Ako

Age: 37

Los Angeles, Calif.

Recruiting Director

She’s been an author, a model, and seemingly a lot of other things. Not rivaling Debbie yet in the jobs department.

Sunday -

Sunday Burquest

Age: 45

Ostego, Minn.

Youth Pastor

It has to be some sort of cruel twist (or intentional) that a youth pastor is named Sunday. It’s too bad she and Michelle are on different tribes.

Chris -

Chris Hammons

Age: 38

Moore, Okla.

Trial Lawyer

Also, intimidating job! Attorneys on “Survivor” are typically good for drama. Just ask Savage.

Lucy -

Lucy Huang

Age: 42

Diamond Bar, Calif.


There are a lot of California people on this season, but that is the case fairly often. We feel for any dietitian who goes out there and then has to eat on rice and bugs.

Bret -

Bret LaBelle

Age: 42

Dedham, Mass.

Police Sergeant

It’s not Mike Tyson, it’s Bret! Okay, maybe we shouldn’t go with a “Survivor: Samoa” joke more than ten seasons later. Ironically, there was also a New England police officer on that season in Betsy.

Jessica Lewis -

Jessica Lewis

Age: 37

Voorheesville, N.Y.

Asst. District Attorney

We love that this photo looks like it could be straight out of Oliver Twist. Can she and Chris have a lawyer alliance?

Survivor -

Ken McNickle

Age: 33

Denver, Colo.


He lived off-the-grid for many years in Hawaii before realizing that he had a child. That brought him back to society. Guy probably will think he knows everything about how to survive from the moment he arrives.

Ciandre -

Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor

Age: 39

Granada Hills, Calif.

Insurance Adjuster

Based on what little we’ve seen of Ciandre so far, she could be fun!

Paul -

Paul Wachter

Age: 52

Sugarloaf Key, Fla.

Boat Mechanic

Easily, “Boat Mechanic” is our favorite jobs of any of the ones listed. We also love Sugarloaf Key, since it sounds like a made-up place from “Candy Land.”

David -

David Wright

Age: 42

Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Television Writer

Specifically, Davis has written for “Malcolm and the Middle” and “Family Guy.” He’s an older, balder John Cochran!

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Photos: Monty Brinton, Robert Voets / CBS

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