‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 10 review: Did Harry find out about Joss’ secret habit?

This season of “Mistresses” has felt very disjointed as no one seems to have a solid story arc, but we are hoping that with Kate (potentially) gone for the rest of the season that we can have more focus on our three main ladies – especially Joss. Her storyline is in real need of a hug. We bought into the whole Impact class thing when the season first started, but it has been dragging on and add on top of that this out of no where pill popping thing and we are losing the Joss we know and love that brought a fire to this show. We don’t have many episodes left, but let’s see if tonight can turn things around.

April: It has been a week since April and Marc broke up and he has shown up to get the last of his stuff. It’s of course sad and heartbreaking watching him give back his keys to the house, but he really isn’t being that supportive of what April is going through. When things get tough he April can do better then that. Eventually the truth comes out that April’s mother can’t stand Marc and she realizes that Marc was telling the truth about Marjorie pushing him out of the house. April finds somewhere else for Marjorie to stay during all of this. After a talk with Harry, Marc realizes that he hasn’t been putting his all into making this band a success and is ready to turn this into a real career. He learns pretty quickly that the band isn’t that serious and so Marc and Sofia decide to go on their own. After April has the talk with her mom, she decides to contact Marc, but he’s getting hot and heavy with Sofia.

Karen: It has been a week since Karen met Adam and she’s wondering if it’s normal that she and Adam haven’t had slept together yet. Yes you read that right… it’s been one week. After a talk, Adam and Karen realize they are on the same page and want to move things forward at a quicker pace. Lydia is worried that her secret is going to come out, so when Karen asks her to stay later with Vivian, she says no. This is a very strange storyline and we aren’t really sure where this is all going with Lydia, but we are enjoying Karen back on the dating scene.

Joss: Harry and Joss are in a really bad place where she is sleeping on the couch, and she’s taken all of her drugs. She’s gotten to the point that she’s stealing blank prescription pads from Karen and filling them at the pharmacy. When a woman at Joss’ Impact classes is killed, Jackie wants Joss to talk to the police, bringing back a lot of bad memories. No matter how much Joss says no, Jackie keeps pushing and eventually it pushes Joss right out of the class. Jonathan is being investigated by the IRS, so all of his assets are frozen and that includes Harry’s 20 percent investment. Harry is panicking and trying to get out of his contract with Jonathan, even though his lawyer is telling him to just wait it out.

For a show that used to be one of the hottest, steamiest summer shows on the air, this season has been continually punching us in the heart this season. Where are the juicy love affairs that we wait all year to watch? We were hoping for some fun romantic romps tonight, but instead we had more heartache drama. We are very glad that Harry finally found out about Joss taking drugs and we hope that this will be the end of that. Episode grade: C

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