‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: Paulie’s campaign strategy

Paulie -Even though the Veto Ceremony is now over in the “Big Brother 18” house and Paulie proclaimed previously that he was not going to campaign against Corey, he apparently has still figured out a rather¬†interesting strategy to convince people to try and vote for him. Here’s the problem: It’s not exactly likely to happen.

One of Paulie’s arguments that we’ve heard since the Ceremony earlier, in particular to Victor and Natalie, is that he will be the metaphorical wind-up toy for whoever wants to keep him. He will make every move from there on out with their own best interest in mind, and will not do anything other than what they want. If they want to use him and then get rid of him, he is more than fine with that.

Then, there’s the part of this that is truly unsettling, as he has cited several times over at this point an aunt dying of cancer as a reason why he needs the money and wants to keep fighting. We certainly have our sympathies if true, but the reality is that within the scope of this game, he has only brought this up after being on the block and in danger. The timing of it feels odd, and that’s precisely why there are raised eyebrows across the internet.

In the end, Paulie may be one of the few underdogs who is actually become more hated on the internet while fighting to stay alive because of his behavior. It almost feels like he is someone not used to ever losing anything, and therefore has no real clue how to act.

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