‘Big Brother 18’ live feed: Is Da’Vonne suspicious?

Da'Vonne -When it comes to entertainment, we’d be hard-pressed to say that many people on “Big Brother” this season are more watchable than Da’Vonne Rogers. Yet, at the same time you could probably find several people who are better players. Whether it is her paranoia or just her aggressive style of play, she lacks the ability to make other people feel as though they can trust her. This is why she is in such a precarious position this week.

Now that we have said that, there is one other thing that we can say about Da’Vonne as a player: She’s incredible perceptive. While she didn’t do the best job of realizing the sharks were circling over the week, she is definitely aware of it now that she is in the block. Not only that, but she feels as though something is off. While people like Paul and James are saying that she is safe, at the same time the latter is not fully committing to her that she will be okay. That is never a good sign.

For the time being, it feels like some players in turn are trying to react to Day’s perceptiveness by being one step ahead. Specifically, Nicole wants to continue acting like she is going to vote Bridgette out of the game, just like Paul continues to insist that she is his target. He’s really not lying, but at the same time he is well aware that the intention is to keep her in the game for the time being.

Besides Da’Vonne’s realizations, this has been a fairly quiet past several hours in the house. Perhaps the biggest event (if you want to call it that) was a battle of pranks between James and Natalie that led to her putting his shoes in the freezer, only for him to try to do the same. It looked at one point like he also tried to do the same thing with her makeup, but we’re not sure he made it there. They had a little squabble (if you even want to call it that), and she has since made him toast and eggs with heart-holes carved into the bread. (Yep, this is another sign why these two are so popular with most casual fans.)

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