‘The Musketeers’ season 3, episode 7 review: Finders keepers

Through season 3 of “The Musketeers,” you could in many ways subtitle it “The Grimaud Show.” After all, this villain has taken center stage for much of the overall story, and while we would not necessarily coin some of his exploits as “legendary,” but they’ve certainly been interesting.

So in the wake of Feron’s death, where did the show take us this weekend? The best way to describe it is a journey to a place inhabited largely by women, and the moments here almost felt like an Odyssey like journey to a faraway place. We stayed relatively close to home base, so kudos to the show for painting with different brushes as often as they did.

Probably what makes the quest to find Grimaud all the more interesting is that there is a magnetizing part of him — he’s not your typical villain who you have nothing but disdain for. There are some reasons in which you would want to watch his exploits, but at the same exact time, he makes it almost utterly impossible to root for when when the dust settles.

On a happier note, who’s pulling for Anne and Aramis? Also, who found themselves appreciating Louis more now that he is showing a vulnerable side? Finally, who wants to offer a cookie to Athos? Maybe it’ll make him feel better.

In the end, this episode was an entertaining one, and it does further us along to whatever the future here could be. At the moment, a few things are clear: There is turmoil when it comes to the royal family, Grimaud is still out there ready and willing to do the worst, and through all the chaos, there is still some hope for a happy ending.

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