‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 7 review: Zoila and Adrian grow closer, KillFace helps Spence

Devious MaidsWith Daniella gone Carmen’s storyline is lacking a bit on “Devious Maids”, but luckily the rest of the ladies are in the thick of it. Kyle has moved in with Zoila (into the house she’s pretending to own), Marisol and Peter may be breaking up, Rosie is getting closer to finding out about the circle and James just made Evelyn rich again. Also what’s up with Tucker being the key to the circle?

Zoila: Now that Kyle is living with her, she is realizing that he’s a big baby still because of his mother’s over bearing ways. Genevieve learns that Zoila is worried about her being part of the Circle and tries to use that to get Zoila back, but she’s clear to Genevieve that she is never coming back to work for her. After a talk with Adrian (anyone else loving this friendship?) Zoila forgives Genevieve and says they’ll be friends again, but she won’t come back to work for her. The absolutely best was watching Zoila try to go to bed with Kyle and picturing Adrian!!!

Rosie: The accident that Rosie and Tucker were in has caused a medical problem for Tucker and he needs surgery, but he has a really rare blood type (is this the key to the circle?). Rosie suggests Spence for a donation, but the warden says no. Luckily for Spence (or unlucky depending on who you ask) KillFace shivs him so that he can go to the hospital and donate blood. When the blood doesn’t match, Rosie realizes that Spence isn’t Tucker’s real father. Rosie tries to stir the pot with Shannon by giving her a copy of “The Circle” saying it was left on her doorstep – and then follows Shannon to see where she leads her. It leads her right to Kyle’s mother’s house and she realizes that Zoila might be in trouble.

Marisol: With Peter gone (and the last fight between him and Marisol looming), she agrees to have dinner with Jesse to help him with his new business. They finally have a chance to talk about what happened and how hurt she was when he left. It goes quite badly and ends with Marisol storming out of the restaurant. When Jesse later comes over to apologize they end up in bed together.

Carmen: After sleeping with Doug, Carmen is surprisingly hooked on him saying he’s the best she’s ever been with. When she looks at his computer, she finds a folder named Carmen and it’s filled with stalker pictures of her. She wants to drive Doug away so he doesn’t go crazy on her, but no matter what she does, he’s completely hooked on her. As it turns out he was trying to work out some cover art for her next album, but she breaks up with him anyways. Turns out though that Carmen was right about Doug – he calls Daniella and gives her information about her father, Lucas.

Evelyn: She has taken the money from James and met with a lawyer, and he’s told her that she needs to move back home immediately or she will look like she’s abandoned the marital property and will get a lesser settlement. She tries to convince Adrian she wants to come back to him, but he tells her no. Evelyn asks for Carmen’s help to get into the mansion and she agrees (and she also gets a little help from James to break into her house). Now Evelyn is living in the house again, dating James and it’s all torturing Adrian.

Our favorite thing about this season has easily been the friendship between Zoila and Adrian. There’s something so wonderful about these two together. They have such great on screen chemistry between them since she can keep up with him and isn’t afraid to call out his nonsense. More then that though, these two have more in common then we first thought and hope that this is a friendship that lasts. Episode grade: A-

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