‘Big Brother 18’ cast spotlight: Will Bronte D’Acquisto do anything to win the money?

Bronte -We have to say that when we first clicked on Bronte D’Acquisto’s Jeff Schroeder interview for “Big Brother 18,” we almost immediately thought that she was going to be the somewhat quiet token recruit that would bring little too the table. We hadn’t seen much evidence, after all, that she was much of a fan of the show going on.

While that may still be the case, we’ll go ahead and give her some credit: She seems really interested in winning. We respect that, since she seems to get that there’s only so far being instantly famous will get you other than a bunch of Twitter followers. With that being said, we don’t completely buy that she has no interest in the fame part of this. For more, take a look at our specific take below. (You can also watch the full interview with Jeff!)

Facts to know – She is 26 years old, from San Diego, and is a mathematician who wants to get her doctorate and plans on using some of the winnings in order to further her education. She also makes it clear that she wants to get rid of the people she cannot control, like a Derrick or a Vanessa, almost right away. Also, it’s already been discovered that she has headshots and was listed on casting websites, so there’s obviously more going on with her in the thirsty-for-celebrity than she’s letting on with Big Jeff.

Show history – She claims that she has watched season 16 and a part of season 17, meaning that this is what she got through in sequester.

Past houseguest comparison – She’s got a little bit of Porsche in her, she sounds in terms of education like Brendon, and her voice is a little bit like Kristen Schaal … not that she was ever on this show. Her voice alone is probably one of the reasons why she was cast.

Clear weakness – We think there is a o.00001% chance she keeps her mathematics background a secret like she is planning to. Also, it feels like she’s going to have a much harder time than she is letting on right now in her pre-game interviews, since often many “new fans” get shell-shocked by how difficult the game is to manage.

Early prediction – Bronte’s going to be a mess. She’s going to get in fights with other people, try to win HoH too early, and we really don’t see many scenarios in which she makes it further than the fourth or fifth week. She has some decent ideas, but the difference between her and other cutthroat, strategy-based players like Derrick and Vanessa is that we don’t get the sense of the experience or killing instinct.

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