‘Big Brother Canada 4’ finale exclusive: Mitch Moffit on jury, Tim, speeches, and more

Mitchell -We’re here with the last of our “Big Brother Canada” finale interviews, and we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to speak with someone in Mitch Moffit who is, at least by our money, someone thoroughly equipped to win this game. He probably could have won it were it not for a devastating twist that sent Kelsey back into the house.

We only had so much time to talk with him after his eviction, and at that time, couldn’t really talk about the game big-picture. This is what made this chat so much fun! We got to go more into strategy, and also see how he’s handling the way in which he went out of the game now.

CarterMatt – So how are feeling being out of the game now, and starting to really adjust to life again?

Mitch Moffit – I’m so excited to see the show, and the overall perception of the show and the things I think happened. It’s been an amazing experience for sure.

How are you feeling now about the way you went out? I’m sure since last night you’ve probably heard from a lot of people saying ‘you were screwed over,’ and I know from even before the game I thought you were someone with a really good chance to win this.

I love the experience no matter what. I went into this game knowing that the chances of winning are all a mix of luck and also strategy but also competitions. You can’t have too high hopes of winning, because there are so many factors that are out of your control. With that said, it still sucks that a twist took me out of the game and exposed me, but that is especially ‘Big Brother Canada.’ It’s a bold twist, and in some ways it could have helped my game because I was pretty behind-the-scenes and it gave me a chance to mix things up. I didn’t want to play the same game the whole time; I didn’t want people to understand my game. That set me up [to do that] a little bit faster than I anticipated, I’m a little bit bitter about it, but I’m happy with the experience. It’s a lifelong memory I’ll have forever.

Is there anything that you wish you had stuck around to experience?

There are many things, like having the loved ones in the house. I would’ve loved to have Greg, my boyfriend, come in, played a competition, and seen what I’d gone through and the place I’d been living for months. Even just like having the dogs and the kangaroos in the house, and even the little challenges people talked about. It was like every week I left was more and more dramatic, and people talked about it being more and more intense. I’m really excited to watch it on TV, but I wish I could’ve been there to play at that level, as well.

You and Tim were the two most dangerous players in my mind at one point in the game. How long do you think you could have coexisted?

I don’t know. In my mind, Tim was my biggest problem for me. I knew he was the best social player, and I knew he could read my game in a way that nobody else could. That scared me. Maybe it was a mistake to not work with him more, but the more I talked to him, the more unsure I was if I could truly trust him. He could turn any information against me.

I did have a little bit of hope when I was on the block. It kind of came down to Tim; if he wanted me to stay, I would have stayed, and I thought about ‘what if we bring together two crazy guys in the house who want to play a massive game?’. It would’ve been fun, but I think for Tim he knew that we never would’ve been able to truly trust each other. Had I won HoH in one of the final weeks I was there – I don’t know if I could’ve gotten him out, but he would have been one of the top people on my radar, because he was so well-connected. For me, my strategy wasn’t always ‘who was the biggest competitor,’ but it was ‘who was the most well-connected.’ Tim was always that person; everyone liked him, nobody was going to nominate him. The brothers were in that position before I left too in that they had a lot of friendship connections, but seeing Tim as that strong player, he was [more of the threat].

It would’ve been fun to be able to duke it out with him, but alas, maybe another season!

One thing I think you should be pretty proud of is that you gave some pretty badass speeches around the time you were going home. Were those moments a massive an attempt to swing votes, or just a chance to vent a little bit after having to be so subtle?

I think, for example, my eviction speech. I knew that there was a good chance I was going home, but I wanted to lay it out there like ‘listen, there’s a threesome in this house, and we know how strong of a duo is, you can imagine how strong a threesome is.’

My Veto speech I wanted to create a new dynamic, and I thought it could help my game. I assumed that Joel would play the ‘nice man’ card, everybody loved him, so I couldn’t just play that same game. I thought that if I could make that trio really dislike me, and make everyone else think I dislike them, maybe they’ll think that they’ll want to keep me because they think I’ll be a target before them. That was what I thought was my best move, so I went with it, tried to blow up the house; I really liked Raul, for example, but for three days I had to pretend like I really didn’t. I wouldn’t go in any room he was in, and that started with the Veto speech.

Would you have voted for Tim in the finals?

1,000%. Not to take away from the winner or the runner-up, but I really think Tim should’ve won the season or Cassandra. Either of those two would’ve had my vote, and I would’ve slapped any juror who didn’t vote for them. I think Tim played an amazing game. It was really disheartening to see Tim walk out in third place.

Finally, how are you preparing to get back into your life? What’s one of the first things you’re planning to do outside of this game?

I’m very excited! I think boyfriend, family, friends are the first steps. I’m already in the internet world from what I do (ASAPScience!), but I’m excited to get back into it, and I’m glad to be a part of this whole ‘Big Brother’ community, and see where I fit in. You know, people are saying nice things to me, but I want to watch the show and see how it goes.

Ultimately, I’m really excited to go grocery shopping! I know it sounds crazy and weird, but I like going grocery shopping.

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