MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 5, episode 19 review: The effects of going viral

“This is not going to end well.”

Through the majority of the storylines on “Awkward” season 5 at the moment, we have very little in the way of a sentiment other than this. We’re accompanying these characters on what at times is an emotional journey, and so it does get frustrating here and there watching them go through their mistakes.

Take, for example, Tamara pretending that she is wealthier than she is in order to court a rich suitor, or Jake spending more time with Ophelia, a very self-involved employee at Idea Bin who has taken quite an interest in his life working as a country club manager. The interesting thing about this dynamic is that it is probably one that will push Jake to realize that this is not the job that he wants forever, mostly because he probably wants to avoid the label of a lifer in a position often relegated to be a “summer job.”

For Jenna, it’s already clear yet again that she really has feelings for Matty, and everything that is happening right now between her and Luke is prolonging something that probably won’t last. She proved herself willing to sacrifice her job at Idea Bin to have her article be what she originally intended it to be, and that’s admirable. While we don’t quite know if he accepted her apology just yet, we do at least know that he heard it. That may be the only thing for Jenna here that ends well, provided that she wants it.

Maybe Sadie and Sergio have a future? He told her that he loves her, and she basically said the same thing without actually spelling out the words.

This episode at least worked to progressed some stories forward, and while there was not a single roll-on-the-floor-funny moment, credit has to go to the show for flinging us into the world and never making us wish that the episode was over. Solid job all around. Grade: B.

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