‘Vikings” season 4, episode 5 review: Lagertha gets her revenge, Ragnar bares his soul

VikingsLast time on “Vikings” we saw king Harald show up on Ragnar’s lands and make himself at home with Aslaug and his kids. How is Ragnar going to handle this threat? It’s going to be interesting to see what he does since he’s been a little off his game this season and hasn’t been doing much outside of being miserable and taking drugs. Harald has made his intentions clear to Aslaug that he wants to be the king of all Norway and plans to overthrow Ragnar, and with her ill feelings towards him, she just might let Harald do it.

Lagertha: Kalf has been playing a long con with Lagertha this whole time as he first usurped her earldom, then tried to make her fall in love with him as part of his plot to destroy Ragnar, but don’t count her out. Lagertha was never going to be able to fully trust Kalf after he took her Earldom from her and she did tell him that she was going to eventually kill him at some point. Did that change when he said that he loved her? Not even a little. This was Lagertha’s long con as she plunged her dagger into Kalf on their wedding day after telling him that she is pregnant with their child. She had clearly been planning this for a while as she had Karl remove all of the enemies from her lands a few episodes back, and had her shield maidens surrounding and protecting her as she took back her place as the rightful Earl. The only issue that remains is Erlendur, but he’s been weakened quite a bit now.

Bjorn: Torvi confirmed to Bjorn that the ring he got from the beserker belongs to her husband, but it looks like she’s working both sides even though she doesn’t want to be. Erlendur still has some power over her since her child is with him which he’s threatened to kill if she doesn’t bring him back information on Ragnar.

Floki: We can’t say enough how much we love the story of Floki and Helga taking care of Ivar and teaching him the ways of a true viking. We were crushed for them when they lost their daughter and this gives them a little bit of joy… but just a little bit since Ivar is a strange child with some anger issues. We saw Ivar get especially upset when another child tries to take a ball from him during a game of catch with the other children. His reaction was to take his hatchet and smash the boy’s head in to which Aslaug told him that what he did was all right.

Elsewhere: We did have some relationship drama in England as Judith figures out that Aethelwulf has Queen Kwenthrith as his mistress. During their fight, Aethelwulf reveals that he knows Judith is sleeping with his father and she flees to Ecbert’s room to tell him everything that’s transpired. Although Ecbert won’t marry Judith, he offers for her to wear his deceased wife’s wedding ring as a token to her that she is more then just his mistress.

Ragnar: We have watched Ragnar fall into a depression since coming back from Paris and tonight he admitted to Yidu that he’s lost his passion and desire for raiding. He also told her that he is riddled with guilt over some of his choices during his rule that ended the lives of his people when he had promised them a better future. In return Yidu admitted to him that her father is the Emperor of China and their relationship moved to another level.

We are hoping that Yidu is going to be the spark that helps Ragnar get his passion back, because this sad, drugged out Ragnar is tough to watch. We understand that there will be ups and downs for him, there has to be with how much weighs on his shoulders, but with the next raid on Paris coming up, we want to see him back in a leadership position… especially with king Harald sniffing around his family and throne. Episode grade: B

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