‘Once Upon a time’ season 5, episode 14 review: A Rumpelstiltskin – Belle twist; Milah’s return

Milah -Through the first three episodes of “Once Upon a Time” season 5B, we’ve had a chance to get to know the Underworld, and to learn whether or not Emma Swan could save Captain Hook, who was still trapped and imprisoned by Hades.

In the end, this did happen, but as per usual with this show there was a rather heavy cost. After using Milah in order to navigate deep into the Underworld and where Hook was being kept, Rumpelstiltskin ended up basically sending her into the River of Lost Souls. He was forced effectively to do Hades’ bidding in an attempt to get himself home; this was far more drastic of a move than what Hook was willing to do. Basically, the pirate was told to mark three graves of people to remain in the Underworld, but since he decided not to, Hades did instead. The names now are Regina, Emma, and Snow White, and they cannot leave.

To think, though, this wasn’t even the biggest shocker of the hour … more on that later.

In the past – Milah and Rumple were desperate to save Baelfire after he was bitten by a poisonous snake ready to cure him forever; however, he find a local apothecary to try and remedy the situation, only to realize that this said man had a rather horrendous price tag that he wanted paid in return for the position to save the young boy’s life: Promising away his second child.

Why do you think this story was told now? We have two theories: Further explaining why Milah left her husband behind in favor of a wild life with Hook, and also potentially an interesting setup in the event that Belle is pregnant. Does this mean this child could be taken from him?

Well, it turns out that Belle is now pregnant, while Hades revealed to Rumple back in the present; however, he reminded him that he still does owe the debt, and with the apothecary signing the deed of the contract over to Rumple, there is now a means for him to be forced to do his bidding for quite some time to come. THIS is the big twist ending, and it reminds us further of why this arc is currently knocking it out of the park. Grade: A-.

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