‘Beyond the Tank’ revisited: Red Dress Boutique, Bantam Bagels, Ry’s Ruffery, and more

In preparation for the season 2 premiere of “Beyond the Tank” on January 5, we’re here to revisit some products from the first season! The six below are all featured over the course of the two repeats airing on ABC tonight, which are in turn longer updates showing that “Shark Tank” is not the end of the work for many of these companies.

Mix Bikini – This company had a less-than-stellar package on the show when it was revealed that much of Barbara Corcoran’s investment money was used for a lavish party in celebration of the show airing. The company has bounced back in the form of Versakini, marketed as an eight-bikinis-in-one product where you can change out a number of different parts. It’s an interesting idea, but we feel like many people would rather just buy separate swimsuits.

Bantam Bagels – Not much has changed since we were last on the website, but not that it really needs to. They’ve still got delicious-looking suffed bagel-balls that you can have delivered right to your door. They’ve managed to make it into Starbucks in several different states, and that is a complete home run no matter how you slice it.

Ry’s Ruffery – Formerly known as Ryan’s Barkery, the dog-treat company has been promoting their grain-free status hard, and is in many Petsmart locations and also on the company’s website. If you want to be a big player in the pet-food world, that’s where you want to be. Overall, how do you classify this as anything other than a major success story?

Red Dress Boutique – They did get that website together that was a point of contention on the episode, and we feel like they’re now one of the most robust and successful clothing brands to come out of the show. They were even selling many pieces specifically with the holiday season in mind.

Chordbuddy – The product, which is a learning tool to help guitarists learn chords, is still being sold. We still don’t understand many of the skews that were first brought up on the show; ultimately, we think that the real issue here is that there is a limited ceiling to how many people need it.

Plated – This was a company we were admittedly surprised to see on “Beyond the Tank” to begin with, mostly because we consider them one of the most-successful that we’ve seen on “Shark Tank” and one that has become a part of day-to-day conversation. They’ve got multiple food plans running now, and while they’ve got heavy competition from Blue Apron, they likely have their established consumer base now.

For those wondering, we’ve already checked out the first two episodes of “Beyond the Tank” season 2, and they feature some products you’ve come to know really well. We’re looking forward to discussing them in greater depth next week.

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