‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Joe Anglim, Kass McQuillen rule new Ta Keo tribe

Kass -

We are now here with the last “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” rankings article before Wednesday night’s new episode, and this time, we’re focusing on what is an interesting group over at Ta Keo. We feel like there is some interesting ambiguity in Bayon in terms of who would actually go home, but that is not the case here. Instead, you’ve got one player who is seemingly getting thrown under the bus hard, who also happens to be on the outside of the main alliance. Right now, the goal may just be to win every challenge.

As per usual, we are ranking these players based on strategy, challenge ability, edit threat level, and a variety of other factors!

6. Terry Deitz – Terry has been set up for a pretty nasty fall this season, in between him boasting about his social game, Kelley Wentworth throwing him under the bus, and him thinking that his tribe will never lose a challenge. Maybe this won’t bear fruit for a while, but this is a situation very reminiscent of another “Survivor: Exile Island” player in Aras’ story on “Blood vs. Water.”

5. Ciera Eastin – We have barely seen Ciera strategically this season, which ultimately suggests to us that she may not be that much of a force to be reckoned with down the road. Do we still think she’s going home soon? Not really. We feel like Terry’s right in how stacked this tribe is, and if they do lose, he will probably be the one leaving.

4. Kelley Wentworth – Maybe it’s possible that she starts to feel safe that Terry is leaving, and he in turn finds a way to blindside her instead. It’s a reasonably unlikely story, but given that she’s outside the numbers and has fallen victim to a tribe swap before, we have to consider this a possibility.

3. Keith Nale – Keith is not a strategic player, and he can be a little grating to live with at times based on what we’ve seen from him the first season. With that said, he’s been very under-the-radar this time, which puts him in a similar spot to Ciera. The only real difference is that he can win these individual challenges.

2. Kass McQuillen – We never thought we would rank Kass so high before the merge, but we’ve really been impressed by so much of her game this time! She’s gotten along well with other tribe members, seems to have some good alliances, and may be one of the few people who is playing a different game this time.

1. Joe Anglim – Meanwhile, Joe’s doing the same exact thing, and that makes him the perfect person to keep around until at least the merge. Without him the tribe is vulnerable in challenges, and in between that and having the majority of the tribe in his alliance, he’s good as gold … for now.

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