‘Finding Carter’ season 2, episode 12 (summer finale) spoilers: Moving past Kyle shocker

Finding Carter -Tonight, “Finding Carter” season 2 continued to build in intensity. In terms of relationships, both Taylor and Crash found out about what happened with Carter and Max, and the results of that were about what you would have expected them to be. Then, there was the shocking story regarding Kyle’s death that could change things for many characters, with Elizabeth and Gabe at the top of the list there.

The synopsis below does not really reveal much about the summer finale airing next week, but don’t be too shocked by that. After all, there’s really not that much to tease that would not spoil something: “Carter is prepared to testify in court in order to end Lori’s manipulation; and a revelation upends the Wilson household.”

What is interesting to us here is that we are going to be getting back into the Lori saga somewhat in this episode, which reminds us a little that this show does have some problems when it comes to handling this story. They obviously want to keep her around because of her role in the history of the show, but at the same time, there’s not always a great use for her with so many other different events happening. Ultimately, there may be a point where this character has to disappear for a long time if anyone ever wants to move forward.

Then again, are we supposed to believe that Carter really wants that? Sometimes, we do find ourselves conflicted.

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