‘Real World: Skeletons’ episode 12 review: Madison’s mystery man, Tony’s jealousy

Tony the real worldTony and Madison have had quite the roller coaster ride when it comes to their relationship on “The Real World: Skeletons”, but it’s going to be put to the test again this week after a man sends Madison flowers. Who is this guy and what does he want? Let’s find out.

Madison: So Madison gets flowers from a mystery man who invites her to lunch and she decides to go even though Tony is very jealous. So who gave Madison flowers? It’s a man named Skyler and it’s Madison’s ex-boyfriend (not the one that dropped her into a drug addiction). He is someone that is still harboring feelings for her and he reveals that their relationship ended when Madison wanted him to do drugs with her.

Madison brings Skyler to meet everyone and Tony has some fun at Skyler’s expense before revealing that he’s messing with him. After what Madison went through with Tony and his 2 ex-girlfriends, she is enjoying the jealousy Tony’s exhibiting. As the night goes on and everyone starts drinking, Tony becomes emotional and pours out his feelings to Madison. By the end of the night Tony’s completely drunk and he’s taking everything out on Skyler (even though Skyler is trying his best not to bother Tony or flirt with Madison). Tony gets back to the loft and smashes Skyler’s flowers onto the ground and then trashes his bed – the next day Skyler and Tony find some common ground and everything relaxes.

Bruno: Carla and Bruno’s relationship is going downhill quickly when she offers to do something nice for him and he freaks out because he was brought up learning that only the man does nice things in the relationship. It was a really stupid fight, but it got so bad that Bruno threw her out of the loft. Is this relationship over? Bruno called her later and apologizes saying that he’s in love with her and they mend their romance.

Tony/Sylvia fight: Tony steals a bottle of wine from behind the bar of a club and gets caught, and Sylvia is really upset about it. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the money to pay for the bottle and Nicole asks some guy she just met at the bar to pay for the bottle (and she made out with him!), but they get thrown out anyway. Sylvia gets even more upset saying that the situation makes them all look trashy and things get heated with Tony.

Things take a really bad turn when Jason starts screaming at anyone that will listen about how Nicole only stands up for Tony and Bruno and if it was him that stole the bottle she would’ve yelled at him. Nicole can only take so much and charges up the stairs at him… and we are left waiting until next week to see if this is the end of the wolf pack.

We were worried that MTV was going to bring in Madison’s ex-boyfriend (the one that brought her into the world of drugs), but we were happy to see that she has someone like Skyler in her life that is a positive influence that really believes in her. Episode grade: B-

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