‘Real World: Skeletons’ episode 11 review: Jason meets his baby, Madison meets her skeleton

Jason real worldYou knew it was coming and now it’s finally here: Jason is going to meet his daughter for the first time and “The Real World: Skeletons” will be there to document the moment to share with all of it’s fans. This is not typically a show that focuses on the tender moments of life, but when they do it’s really something special to watch.

Jason: He’s really excited to meet his daughter and she’s going to be ready to meet him any day now, but he’s a little bit sad about the fact that he’s not having a baby with a woman he’s in love with. Regardless, he is ready and wanting to step up and be the father for her that he never had. There’s a lot of pressure on him and it’s really eating him up, so he calls Yolanda in the middle of the night (while drunk of course) and finds out that she just had his baby. He grabs the wolf pack and heads out to meet his daughter and he couldn’t be happier.

Madison: Her skeleton showed up this week and while everyone in the house (especially Madison) thought it might be her ex-boyfriend that got her addicted to drugs (which would be really messed up if they did that to her), it was actually her step sister, Rachel, that she lied and stole from during her dark period. Madison is grateful that she is there and hopes to make amends for the things that she did to her, but Rachel is worried because Madison is still partying and getting drunk. After they spend some time talking, Madison really sees the pain she caused Rachel (and her family) and learns that Rachel left Texas to get away from Madison because it was too painful for her. Madison asks for forgiveness and Rachel gives it to her and is ready to try again.

If you thought the drama was over though, better think again. When random flowers show up at the loft for Madison with a note asking her to come meet this person alone, Tony starts to lose his cool a little. So who sent the flowers? We don’t think the show would be as cruel as to send in her ex-boyfriend, but it could be a secret admirer.

The episodes with fighting and drama are of course a lot of fun to watch, but these episodes that are filled with moments like Madison and her sister reconciling are really what this show is about. Also… how cute is Jason’s baby!!!! Episode grade: A-

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