‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 6 preview: Could Sam Merlotte leave Bon Temps?

Sam -We are getting near the point on “True Blood” season 7 now where all of the characters have to start thinking about their endgame, and that includes Sam Merlotte. Remember here that it was not that long ago when he was just a shapeshifter who ran a bar and was in love with Sookie Stackhouse. Now, he has to figure out whether or not he wants to leave that all behind in order to run away with his pregnant girlfriend Nicole.

The issue here is that Nicole presents this almost as an ultimatum: Either he goes with her or he doesn’t, but she is leaving Bon Temps anyway. She is not altogether interested in the fact that this is his home, and one of the few places that has accepted him to any great capacity over the years. We also do not necessarily buy the notion for her that she is really going to be that such safer taking off anywhere else. After all, just remember ofr a second what the rest of the world has turned into.

While Sam may care for Nicole, we just cannot see him leaving under any circumstance. He just has way too much stock in the town at this point and the people in it. He was even technically still Mayor until a couple of episodes ago, when the other creepy guy decided that he wanted to seize power instead. We know that it must be hard trying to have some sort of actual life in the midst of everything happening around him, but Sam has to see this through.

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Photo: HBO

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