’24: Live Another Day’ episode 10 review: The return of Cheng Zhi

24 -Since it has been a few days now since “24: Live Another Day” technically aired its tenth episode, we feel like it is okay now to get into actually spoiling some of what the content of the episode was in the title … and what a crazy episode it was.

We know that for many, the main event of the hour is going to be gasping at the big reveal that it was none other than Cheng Zhi who has gotten involved in this complicated web, and with the assistance of some torpedoes, now has us closer than World War III. Basically, this show has already done more in one episode with the guy than they basically did during all of that sixth season that we would prefer to forget all about if possible.

Even still, this wasn’t the best part of the episode. That instead goes to Kate Morgan and Jack Bauer teaming up in order to “interrogate” Steve Navarro, and use Kate’s hatred for him as a way to get him to confess the code. She clearly had the motive to do it thanks to what happened to her husband, and effectively turned his own past villainous actions against him. Brilliant, and almost as brilliant as Yvonne Strahovski is in this role. We were huge “Chuck” fans, but this may be our favorite performance from her of her entire career so far.

So with Navarro captured and with a clear enemy present, the final two episodes are set up to be action-packed. We also have a trademark “impossible situation” for Jack to try and get himself out of, so we will just have to wait and see if he really manages to do just that.

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Photo: Fox

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