‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers: More news on the recurring players

Better Call Saul season 1So far when it comes to “Better Call Saul,” it has not been easy at all to find out anything on what could be coming up. Just like its predecessor in “Breaking Bad,” there is not that much out there that the producers have really been willing to give up … and for good reason. Why in the world would they want to ruin the story that they are working so hard to tell?

What we have for you today is therefore interesting, but not something so spoilery that it is going to ruin anything for you in regards to the story. According to a report from E! News, there will be a handful of middle-aged women that you see throughout the season, and this makes us want to compare them to some sort of bizarre chorus.

In particular, one of the people that you are going to meet is Mrs. Tran, who will be one of the more difficult characters that the cast has to deal with. We hope that they are going to be involved somewhat in the legal process of Saul Goodman, as we start to learn more and more about who this guy was before he met Walter White and started seeing his seedy life head in a very downward direction.

While there is no confirmed return date yet for the show, the one thing that we can say for the time being is that you can most-likely expect to see everything back come November or so. If that is the premiere date, we wonder if we could be seeing a split season similar to “The Walking Dead” with part airing in the fall, and part in the spring.

Photo: AMC

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