Canceled ‘Enlisted’ will air final episodes ‘soon,’ says creator

Enlisted -Let’s obviously start by reiterating the sad news from yesterday: “Enlisted” is canceled, and is not going to have a chance at another season on Fox. Given its ratings, it’s also pretty doubtful that it will find a home anywhere else.

Our biggest problem with this news over the past day or so, and really the inevitability of it since the show even premiered, is that the series never really had much of a chance. Since when do you force a comedy to premiere on a Friday? This night is notoriously awful for comedies, especially ones that aren’t just family sitcoms. Putting it at 9:30 p.m. Eastern after a bad lead-in in “Raising Hope” certainly doesn’t help matters at all. Despite the critical acclaim or having a premise that was actually different than everything else on TV, “Enlisted” just couldn’t enlist a big enough support group.

For those of you who still want to see the story of these three brothers and the Rear Detachment through (and we’re right there with you), don’t worry. Creator Kevin Biegel posted on Twitter that Fox is going to air the final four episodes of the show “soon.” That doesn’t exactly mean that they are going to air at a time that is particularly appealing to viewers, but it’s at least something you can either set your schedule around or put on your DVR.

What we really hope comes out of “Enlisted,” in addition to support and awareness for overlooked parts of the military, is that networks at least take some chances on more unique comedies, and then give them real opportunities to find an audience. We’re not saying that they need millions upon millions in promotion or your best lead-in, but at least allow them a chance to have something in the tank from the get-go.

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Photo: Fox

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