‘Mad Men’ season 7, episode 2 review: Sally Draper as Don’s conscience

Sally -Who would have ever thought that Sally Draper would be the demise of her father Don? “Mad Men” season 6 contained those great scenes where the two started to come to an understanding, and season 7 tonight brought her back into the fold yet again as the voice of reason.

Despite being occasionally whiny, Sally seems to be stuffed full of useful questions and wisdom, including the all-important question as to why Don just don’t move out to where his wife is. He wants to be in New York, but seemingly has no interest in actually sharing this news with his wife. He seems to be so intent on lying, mostly because that is what he has proven himself to be pretty good at time and time again.

Away from Don, there was some other great stuff in here as Pete Campbell continued to be amazing, and had a fantastic series of communications with Roger in New York that detailed his rage with Bob Benson being brought in on a deal. Also, Peggy had to deal with a terrible situation regarding flowers (which she thought Ted delivered), and Joan was finally given an offer to take a different sort of position at SC&P after being routinely treated as someone who has to do around three or four different jobs there.

Overall, we still enjoyed this episode far and away more than the premiere. It was playful, fascinating, and further told the story of Don’s attempted redemption. We would have never said this three years ago, but we’d love Kiernan Shipka to be in every episode from now on. We also didn’t miss the lack of Megan, or that Betty is still roaming around somewhere in the background. “Mad Men” is still giving us progress, and the sort of fantastic entertainment we hope for. Grade: A-.

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Photo: AMC

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