‘How I Met Your Mother’ series finale spoilers: The layout; plus, a familiar guest star!

Last Forever -Can you believe that there are only two weeks of “How I Met Your Mother” left? This means just an hour and a half more of content, and for us to really see how the journey for Ted Mosby ends after following it along for the past nine years.

The idea of saying goodbye to this story is enough alone to make many tremble, but the show still seems to be fairly confident in what it is doing. Everything is fairly mapped out, and we have some more details on what the series finale “Last Forever” is going to contain. These new hints come to us courtesy of TV Guide.

1. The finale takes place after the wedding, which is going to take place next week. It also features the story of how Ted goes from meeting the Mother (which will be shown) to also getting to the point that he is while telling the story to his children.

2. Overall, 17 years of time are going to be covered, which is pretty funny when you consider that we’ve spent the past 21 episodes dealing with a single weekend.

3. There will be a surprise guest star who has a tie to the show’s past, and the last thing we’re going to do here is ruin it. With that being said, we would assume that the show would try its best to have it be someone who was not a part of the big montage that we saw at the end of “Gary Blauman,” since these people (Kevin, Jeannette, Sandy Rivers, Patrice, etc.) all have some sort of closure now.

4. There are parts of the finale which, as you may have heard, were shot all the way back in 2006 when David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca were younger. The reason for that is merely so that there would be continuity with how we have seen them throughout the entire show.

If you click here, you can get a better sense of what is specifically coming up for the wedding and the episode entitled “The End of the Aisle.” Also, be sure to sign up for our CarterMatt Newsletter in the event that you want some more updates to come your way via email.

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