‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 13 review: Did Cat, Gabe make it through a wedding?

Beauty and the Beast -It’s Valentine’s Day in the world of “Beauty and the Beast,” and where you would traditionally think there would be romance on the show came a whole lot of drama Monday night. We learned through here that Sam was hardly the guy that he was advertising to be to Dana, and their happy reunion and attempted wedding was not anywhere near as grand as it could have otherwise been.

Basically, the entire ceremony was a ploy for a bombing, and for a while, it really looked like Sam’s plan was going to be effective. He was with Barnes for so long that he had been corrupted and turned, and that created all sorts of problems for the team.

In the end, though, this episode was mostly interesting just from the standpoint of examining relationships, and where everyone stood. Vincent was on the outside this time around, even though he did start to figure out a little bit that his feelings for Cat are still there, and are very real. Unfortunately, he has to figure out what to do with himself now that he realizes that he has hurt Cat, and cannot be with her for the time being. Instead, she is transfixed on Gabe, who she spent most of the episode trying not to trust.

In the end, we do still worry about whether or not this is a guy who can fully be trusted, but by the time this episode was over, most of the other characters seem okay with him. He told Cat that he will not hurt her again, and we will just have to wait and see how genuine he is in saying this. For now, that moment of Vincent walking alone at the end of this episode is all we can really think about … other than that we’d like Cat to find herself outside of a relationship for a while. Grade: B-.

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