‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 17 preview: First look at ‘Silverfinger’

Teen Wolf -Fear the dark … but black lights are pretty awesome.

We’re sure that this is probably not what MTV wanted us to get out of the newest “Teen Wolf” promo for next week’s “Silverfinger,” but that is what we have taken from it, anyway. Based on the video, this has all of the making of being both a super-fun and also crazy episode of the show … and quite possibly a mixture of the two at the same time. Given that you have masked men, allusions to the number 5 everywhere, and also some serious tension building with some new supernatural creatures on the loose, it’s easy to say that we are finally getting to the meat of the season.

In the midst of all of this madness, though, we do have to admit that our favorite line of the entire video is the one regarding Scott, and a nice little warning that he gets about being with Kira. The last thing that the town of Beacon Hills really wants at this point is to get themselves completely mixed up in a world where these sort of otherworldly beings are both running amok and causing all sorts of trouble.

Personally, we’ve enjoyed the style that the writers have conveyed this time, even if we are not the biggest Scott / Kira shipper out there. It feels much more intense than the first half of season 3, and there are stakes to the extent that words and actions mean something. To us, there were at least a few moments during the first part of this season that felt like talking to a really angry guy at the gym who probably had a little too much protein powder; this is more like playing a game of chess against the devil.

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Photo: MTV

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