‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 finale spoilers: Episode 8 synopsis and Joanne Froggatt – Anna panic

November 7, 2013 0 comments
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Take a look -We are now just a matter of a few short days away from Sunday night’s season 4 finale for “Downton Abbey,” and there is a mixture of emotions as a result. There is sadness at the though of the ITV series coming to a close in Britain, and also despair that something terrible could happen with one of our beloved characters. Given that this is a show that murdered Matthew on Christmas Day, it’s already proven that it has no problem taking your expectations and throwing them in the nearest fire.

We now have the official synopsis from the network for the episode below, so feel free to check that out with of course a WARNING for Americans who are toying with fate. The show premieres on PBS January 5, and if you are really interested in the show then be sure to take a look at our official contest!

Still here? Okay. Here’s the synopsis:

Rosamund hatches a plan to help Edith out of her predicament, but will Violet see straight through it? Isobel is on the receiving end of some unexpected attention, while Mary asks Gillingham for a favour … Rose has her nose put out of joint when plans don’t go her way, and Alfred realises too late that he may have made a mistake. Just when Bates and Anna seem to be coming through the worst of their troubles, some unexpected news gives her fresh cause for concern.”

The easiest story to read here is that of Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle’s characters, who are clearly having to try to handle the fact that none other than Mr. Green is back at the Abbey, and the more that he says, the more that Bates is going to put it together that he was the rapist. This means that Bates could try to kill him, and then he and Anna are apart forever. We still have a hard time believing that will happen, though, mostly because it would be completely awful to have the man in prison AGAIN. We’ve already been down this road!

As for the rest of this, Edith’s story is clearly all about what to do with her baby, and we are going to see Rose something related to her own relationship with Jack Ross.

If you want to see even more (and we don’t blame you), there is a brief sneak peek for the episode over at the link here. Enjoy!

Photo: ITV

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